CS-500TSA Top & Side Belt Drive Carton Sealer

The carton sealer is a random case sealer that provides reliable top and bottom case sealing automation for those applications involving runs of cartons. The operator simply folds the top flaps of the corrugated carton and feeds it into the random carton sealer.
This top and side belt driven carton sealer is recommended for taping various profile such as higher, wider profile cartons which is built for dependable performance and easy operation.

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• Automatically adjust the height and width according to different sizes of carton
• Top & side drive belts
• Interchangeable top bottom tape cartridge
• 2″ top and bottom taping Head
• Tape tension easily adjustable
• Roller working table
• Blade safety guards
• Self Adjusting Side-Belt Drives for case-width
• Side Mounted Compression Rollers for tight seals
• Leg height adjustment 200mm (8″)

Model: CS-500TSA
Power: Single Phase AC 230V, 50Hz
Air Requirement: Minimum 5 bars (82PSI)
Dimension: (L) 1250mm x (W) 960mm x (H) 1420mm
Drive: Top & Side Belt Drive
Carton Capacity 2" Tape 3" Tape
(W) 135mm—500mm
(H) 110mm—500mm
(L) 150mm—Unlimited
(W) 155mm—500mm
(H) 110mm—500mm
(L) 150mm—Unlimited
Conveyor Speed: 20 m/min
Motor: 200Watt (1/4HP)
Standard Tape Size: 2" (Max 3" at optional upgrade)
Conveyor Height: 570mm to 770mm