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• Automatically adjust the height and width according to different sizes of carton
• Top & bottom drive belts
• Interchangeable top bottom tape cartridge
• 2″ top and bottom taping head
• Tape tension easily adjustable
• Roller working table
• Blade safety guards
• Self adjusting bottom-belt drives for case-width
• Side mounted compression rollers for tight seals
• Leg height adjustment 200mm (8″)

Model: CSE-500A
Power: Single Phase AC 230V, 50Hz
Air Requirement: Minimum 5 bars (82PSI)
Dimension: (L) 2100mm x (W) 1450mm x (H) 1500mm
Drive: Top & Bottom Belt Drive
Carton Capacity 2" Tape 3" Tape
(W) 220mm—520mm
(H) 225mm—600mm
(L) 280mm—630mm
(W) 220mm—520mm
(H) 225mm—600mm
(L) 280mm—630mm
Conveyor Speed: 20 m/min
Motor: 200Watt (1/4HP)
Standard Tape Size: 2" (Max 3" at optional upgrade)
Conveyor Height: 570mm to 770mm