Dyson Lighting CSYS Desk 2700k White / Silver

Powerful, warm white task light. With a 2700K colour temperature, it’s made for relaxation.

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CSYS Desk light. Precise light for work or home.
Warm, powerful light. Precisely where you need it.

Powerful, long-lasting light
Heat pipe technology keeps eight high-power LEDs cool enough to last up to 144,000 hours, at 648 lux.¹

Precision positioning
3 Axis Glide™ motion puts powerful light precisely where you need it: vertically, horizontally and through 360°.

Precision dimming
Touch-sensitive, continuous dimming means CSYS™ task lights suit any task. Built-in memory recalls your last setting.

Controlled glare
The conical reflectors that house each LED control glare and focus a targeted pyramid of light, whatever the task.

Energy efficiency
High-power LEDs use a fraction of the energy of some conventional halogen desk lights.