HIZERO employs a world’s first with dual-cleaning technology. It integrates sweeping, mopping, drying, and self-cleaning all into one. Cleaning an area of 100 square meters (1076 square feet) only takes approximately 8 minutes.


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Dry and Wet Dual Use

Inspired by the world around us, HIZERO has applied the biometric principles from animals’ natural cleaning abilities for our own domestic uses. Like a dog licking he floor, HIZERO is able to clean up a huge variety of solid and fluid substances such as dust, grime, dirt, stubborn stairs, hairs, split coffee grounds, and tomato sauce, all with only a few simple sweeps.

Methods of Cleaning Compound cleaning, cleaning, sweeping, wipe dry, self-cleaning

Mode Automatic mode, Customized mode

Battery Specification Li-ion, 19 v DC, 44Wh, 4-hour fully charged session

Use Time 60 - 80 minutes

Clean Water Tank Capacity 550 ml (19 fluid oz)

Waste Water Tank Capacity 600 ml (21 fluid oz)

Trash Tray Capacity 600 ml (21 fluid oz)

Water Consumption 1 liter or water (35 fluid oz) to clean about a 100-square-meter area (1076 square feet)