Nasavac VMS-32M Floor Standing Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Versatile vacuum sealers with two side of the sealing bar, mobility, and heavy duty usage. It is ideal for the packaging of several pouches per cycle of large sized products. The control system is powered by micro-controller with 20 programmable memory settings. The single chamber vacuum sealer is fully industrial grade stainless steel constructed, ideal for food, medical, electronics and industrial applications. It has flatten bed for hassel-free chamber wash down.

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• Stainless Steel Chassis
• Powered by BUSCH vacuum pump
• Left and right sealing bar configuration
• High performance impulse sealing system
• Aluminum alloy sealing bar with bladder activated sealing
• Powerful & large diameter vacuum valve (To shorten vacuum time)
• Flat chamber for easy cleaning and sanitation, suitable for HACCP industry
• Water resistance control panel (IP-56)
• Powered by micro-controller with 20 programmable memory settings
• Oil change indicator
• Pump overload warning indicator
• Emergency reset system
• Easy Sealing Element and Teflon Tape replacement
• Easy cleaning

Model: VMS-32M
Power: Three Phase AC 415V, 50Hz
Dimension: (L) 35 ½" x (W) 25 ¾" x (H) 39 ¼"
Machine Weight: 550 lb
Chamber Height: 6 ¼" (Effective Depth = 6")
Distance Between Sealing Bar: 26 ¼"
Sealing Bar Configuration: Left & Right
Sealing Length: 20 ½"
Sealing Width: 6mm (Double Beam)
Maximum Vacuum: -29 inHg
Vacuum Flow Capacity: 63 m3/H BUSCH Vacuum Pump