ST-3500 & ST-4000 Entry Level Mini Shrink Tunnel

Entry Level Mini Shrink Tunnel provides heat shrink by using infrared ray heater. It is designed with roller shaft type conveyor to carry the product through the tunnel.

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• Best for individual or integrated packaging
• Light Duty Cycle
• Cost efftive
• Separated Temperature Control for top and bottom
• Simple in operation, safe and pollution free
• Hot Air Ventilation Technology for shrink wrap
• Infrared Ray Type Heaters
• Adjustable Conveyor Speed
• Roller Shaft Type Conveyor System

Model: ST-3500 ST-4000
Power: Single Phase AC 230V, 50Hz Single Phase AC 230V, 50Hz
Dimension: (L) 11800mm x (W) 620mm x (H) 1050mm (L) 1330mm x (W) 720mm x (H) 1100mm
Tunnel Dimension: (L) 700mm x (W) 400mm x (H) 150mm (L) 800mm x (W) 450mm x (H) 200mm
Power Consumption: 5kW 6kW
Conveyor Speed: 0 to 10m/min 0 to 10m/min