Touch ‘n Go Self-fitment DIY RFID Tag

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What is TnG RFID?

The TNG RFID Tag is a sticker that is embedded with a radio frequency chip, and unique to each user.

Affixed to either the windscreen or headlamp of the vehicle, the tags are tied to the Touch ‘n Go eWallet and used as a form of electronic payment for tolls across the country.

Why use TnG RFID?

Toll fares are automatically deducted from the Touch ‘n Go eWallet balance, thus providing drivers a hassle-free travel experience.

No more queuing up, quick and secure toll payments

Reload your Touch ‘n Go eWallet from anywhere at anytime with no reload fees

Transaction history from the app makes travel claims easier

Never worry about Tambah Nilai or misplacing your Touch ‘n Go card again

How to install TNG RFID?

1. Clean the surface of the windscreen or headlamp.

2. Peel off TNG RFID Tag*.

*Please ONLY install the top half of the sticker onto vehicle.

3. Install TNG RFID Tag on the outside of the upper left windscreen or left headlamp**.

** Cannot be installed on headlamp or windscreen with tint or near (at least 5cm away) metal content.

How to activate TNG RFID?

1. Activate TNG RFID Tag at or TNG eWallet

2. Insert TNG RFID Tag number & add your vehicle details.

3. Activation within 24 hours.

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